Luxury. Style. Versatility. 

No corners were cut putting together this masterpiece of a functional, high performing vehicle. We took a brand new 2019 Limited Powerstroke, the most intricate and expensive truck on the market, and took it to the next level. From custom color-matched high quality light assemblies to smoothed and Agate Black painted plastics, every inch of the truck's exterior is painted the deep Agate Black or is brushed aluminum. Find your way down to the suspension and wheel setup to find a set of custom made brushed aluminum forged wheels and aggressive tires. Open the door, step inside, and I guarantee you will forget you're in a pickup. The genuine leather, massage seats, and endless options outnumber those of many luxury cars. We built a truck that is the complete package of performance, luxury and eye appeal. And now we're giving it to one of you. Will you secure the winning entry?